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As children, Reese, Rowan, and Raine Winchester--along with their sister Rachel--were on the road to Hollywood superstardom. Appearing in everything from serial commercials, to sitcoms, to blockbuster films, the kids had quickly become a new Tinseltown dynasty. 
But then tragedy struck. Sixteen-year-old teen-queen Rachel died under tragic circumstances. Their family torn apart, the boys retreated from the limelight and tried to live a normal life. 
When they grew up, the brothers began to look back at the past, seeking answers to questions they didn't even understand as children. Every secret they uncovered, however,
exposed more questions. 
At only eighteen, Reece returned to his acting career, earned every accolade and award an performing can win, and then quit to become an even more successful film director. He is plugged in to everything that goes on in the City of Dark Angels. Positioned to hear the darkest hushed whispers, he has no problem ruining the careers of those who deserve it.
Reece's fraternal twin, Rowan, is a detective with the LAPD. He might not be proud of some of the things he's done in his own life, but his job gives him the chance to atone. He's relentless in pursuing the guilty,  even if it puts him in the crosshairs of some very dangerous L.A. criminals. 
Youngest brother Raine has always had the need to protect others. After a few years in the military, he joined his brothers in California. Knowing the dangers better than most, he now runs a security business that specializes in protecting the child stars who are so very vulnerable. 
Hollywood might be the place of glitz and dreams...but nobody sees its dark side like the Winchester brothers. And together, they're going to do whatever it takes to make sure no other family suffers like theirs did. 
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