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Leslie's Other Series

The Black CATs Series

According to the FBI, Cyber Action Teams (CATs) are small teams of computer experts who travel at a moment's notice, all over the world, to investigate cyber crime. 

Now a new type of CAT has been formed. Led by Supervisory Special Agent Wyatt Blackstone, the Black CATs have been tasked with solving the most unusual cyber crimes...those resulting in murder. 

The team was set up to fail. But these agents, brought from all different branches of law enforcement, know exactly what they're doing. 

They're hot on the trails of some of the most dangerous serial killers around. And nothing will stop them from solving crimes...and saving lives!

You can learn more about the Black CATS books, read excerpts, and order at Click the link to visit Leslie's Amazon page.
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The Veronica Sloan Series

In the very near, dangerous future, terrorists have destroyed much of Washington, D.C. and destabilized the government. It's taken five years for the country to recover. But the wounds still cut deep. 


In order to fight crime, a new technology has emerged, and it requires a special kind of detective to interpret and use the data. 


Veronica Sloan is that detective. 


You can learn more about the Veronica Sloan books, read excerpts, and order at Click the link to visit Leslie's Amazon page
Available through all other major e-tailers!
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